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Interior design ideas? Take LSD


Interior Designer wellington - lsd

Interior design is a drug

It’s all-consuming. It’s addictive. For 10 years, House & Garden journalist Lee Suckling has been given exclusive access into the lives, homes, and workplaces of everybody from the creative director of Calvin Klein Home to the founder of Cappellini.

Interior design has become his drug of choice. It has altered his awareness, thoughts, and feelings about his surroundings, and changed the way he looks at the home environment.

Lee Suckling Design, or LSD, brings that expertise as an affordable interior design consultancy to Wellington, New Zealand. LSD offers in-home packages to get you started in creating your home interior.



Starter interior package10 hours $795 + GST

Short-term rental interiors from $1100 + GST

Home automation integration $395 + GST (one day)

Social media interiors masterclass $295 + GST

Casual hourly rate $79 + GST


Interior Designer wellington - lsd

Interior designers aren’t just for wealthy people

Hiring an interior designer in New Zealand is an intimidating experience once reserved only for the wealthy with unlimited budgets. Now interior style can be taught
LSD gets you started on your interior design journey. We teach you how to understand how you use your home, and what you can realistically turn it into
Learn how to use design websites and blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram to develop your interior design ideas, and turn them into reality through New Zealand stores, websites, online auctions, and DIY. You’ll be taught how to spend your money wisely


a personal trainer for your home

Interiors aren’t made in a day. LSD is not an interior design consultancy with a high hourly-rate, commissions on purchases, nor do we promise a manufactured, start-to-finish look.

INStead, We’re like a personal trainer for your home. we will develop your interior personality with you, help you buy key pieces of furniture, art, and homewares, and teach you how to use local stores and the internet to keep shopping, making, and curating alone.

About Lee Suckling

Lee has worked in interiors, architecture, art, and lifestyle for:

House & Garden
Harper’s Bazaar

and over 50 others